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The Unrelenting Campus Mental Health Crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic transformed mental health from an important but second-tier issue for many colleges and universities into one of their most dominant concerns. And that’s unlikely to change even as the pandemic itself ever-so-slowly recedes.

Pre-pandemic, many institutions were already struggling to meet the counseling and treatment needs of students reporting increasing levels of depression, anxiety and other conditions. The worry and uncertainty wrought by the global health crisis and the resulting recession exacerbated that pressure, and even colleges’ increased investments and use of new approaches sometimes failed to keep up with the demand.

COVID-19’s long tail is likely to keep these issues front and center for campuses and their leaders. Join Inside Higher Ed Editors Doug Lederman and Scott Jaschik for a free webcast where they will cover different facets of the continuing crisis, such as:

• How different groups (gay and lesbian students, graduate students) are being affected by mental health troubles.
• How colleges are reassessing their strategies for and investments in addressing student mental health needs.
• Classroom approaches to minimizing the academic toll of psychological strain.
• The ways campus counseling centers can allocate their resources to best serve students.

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