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Data Analytics & Retention Strategies at The University of Southern Mississippi
In 2020, the University of Southern Mississippi’s (USM) academic reorganization and strategic planning process propelled them toward an investment in data integration and analysis. By combining data across admissions, enrollment, student outcomes and finance, they were able to increase access and understanding for various stakeholders across the university. One of the many goals of this initiative was to use the data to inform their enrollment management, financial aid and retention strategies.

Join us for a webcast and hear from Dr. Amy Chasteen, Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Southern Mississippi, on how they are leveraging institutional aid to better support students and increase retention rates. Dr. Chasteen will share USM’s overall enrollment management goals and strategies, as well as how their financial aid data is able to inform and support student success and retention. Finally, Dr. Chasteen will discuss what they learned and what’s next on their broader analytics journey.

If you are trying to address any of the following questions as part of your role, this session is for you:
• How can we encourage a data-informed lens for enrollment decision-making at the institution?
• How can we examine our enrollment management strategies to better support not only recruitment but retention?
• What is the relationship between unmet need and student success, and how can you leverage data to uncover the relationship between the two?
• What’s ahead for strategic enrollment management in a post-COVID higher education landscape?

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Dr. Amy Chasteen
Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs @University of Southern Mississippi
Dr. Chasteen supports the work of the Provost and SVP for Academic Affairs, actively contributing to strategic planning, academic program oversight, budget management, and resolution of personnel issues across academic affairs. She also has primary responsibility for retention and student success; teaching and learning initiatives; advisement and registration processes; and online learning at the institution. She also serves as the primary point of contact for student appeals, grievances, and complaint resolution. Dr. Chasteen holds a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Michigan (1998). Her academic background includes specializations in gender and sexuality studies, diversity, culture and belief systems, and social change. Her academic research is now primarily focused on understanding generational differences, the power of culture and social change, and the dynamics of our increasingly diverse educational and work environments.